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  1. Jacqueline Nickerson disse:

    Greetings Alda
    My husband and I had the opportunity to meet you in October 2010 in Brazil and an FFI conference. We represented Canada along with North American Director Neil & Annette Campbell and Pastor’s Ruth and Arnold Lothoz and ourselves. Craig and Jan Hill were one the speakers along with many amazing and gifted people. I have never forgotten our time there and the opportunities that we had to grow on and exchange. I had purchased some all of your CD’s and several boxes of Holy Oil to bring back to Canada.

    Alda at that time you were writing a song on Blessing and you were due to release it very soon. I had wondered if you would be able to tell me if that was released and if the lyrics are available in English. I have thought about the amazing and anointed songs you sang at the Family Foundations International Conference and often thought about the song of blessing.

    I would be so grateful if you would be able to let me know and I bless you and your family with continued ability to write anointed songs and to sing to the world over bringing the message of love to the world.

    In His service
    FFI Coordinators
    Jacqueline and Clarence Nickerson

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